Last year while touring the country with her husband Chap, Maura Ambrose had a 1970 VW camper van induced vision of what she wanted out of  life and that vision was is the name of natural dyes and quilting.  Since then, under the name of Folk Fibers, Maura’s had been growing her own indigo and other natural plant dyes, dying scraps of fabric and hand quilting them in to one of a kind pieces of art.  I recently got to hang out with Maura at her Austin, Texas home and talk about her process as we listened to records, ate tacos and quilted. I also gave her a load of scrap denim we had lying around that she’s been incorporating into these. Have a look at the video for more on the story and whats inspired these.

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4 comments on “FOLK FIBERS OF AUSTIN

  1. What a great story! Love the video style too. Very insightful and inspirational words Maura.

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