John Martin from Vice wrote me and said that if put up his most recent video project he would take me on the next wild Vice travel trip. I was thinking ‘Shit, how do I get out of posting some video that’s probably him lip syncing,┬ádreaming he’s Mick Jagger again?’ Then I clicked the link and found this gem – John and crew traveled 4 days just to reach the far stretches of Patagonia where they interviewed a man who has lived off the grid on his land for almost 50 years in imposed self isolation – one of the last great South American Cowboys. ┬áHave a look (sorry about the ad opener, folks). John, I’m ready with my miles number. Say when.


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2 comments on “TOO FAR GONE

  1. This was amazing! I worked for 8 years for the outdoor retail company PATAGONIA and twice a year the would take a handful of people down to the land for preservation work. I never took advantage of putting my name on the list to go but felt this short captured it perfect.

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