Someone made sure I saw Bobby Furst’s place before leaving JT. That wild guy with top hat and monocle at the Hornito’s Cantina on New Years Eve? Well, he’s an outsider artist. A Political folk artist of sorts. He moved out to the high desert 6 or 7 years ago after years in Laurel Canyon. He built up a couple quonset huts and kept on assembling and arranging the artwork he’s been making in LA out of found objects, other peoples junk. Bobby has a million things in those spaces, some turned into ideas, some on their way, but all things perfectly, meticulously arranged.  He was nice to give us a bright and early tour of his compound, not far from the JT park entrance. I encourage you to stop by next time your around that region of California. Click here for The Road to Wonder Valley trailer, a documentary on the artists who call that high desert home.

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  1. I love the cut up american flag! It’s that illegal, or maybe just unethical…im going for it someday.

  2. THANKS for posting ! I had a couple from Topanga Canyon, CA stop by yesterday with their two kids. I think they were inspired to make art ! That is as good as it gets for me ! So, if you are visiting Joshua Tree, CA , feel free to come see ! Later…

  3. i follow you on instagram and found my way over here via a continuous lean, and almost fell out of my chair when i saw the pics of bobby. he’s a dear friend of mine; my husband and i used to live down rocking chair road from him in joshua tree in 2008-2010. i live in brooklyn now but miss the desert and our ragtag tribe of friends out there every day.

    thanks for this great post on a great artist.

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