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Someone made sure I saw Bobby Furst’s place before leaving JT. That wild guy with top hat and monocle at the Hornito’s Cantina on New Years Eve? Well, he’s an outsider artist. A Political folk artist of sorts. He moved out to the high desert 6 or 7 years ago after years in Laurel Canyon. He built up a couple quonset huts and kept on assembling and arranging the artwork he’s been making in LA out of found objects, other peoples junk. Bobby has a million things in those spaces, some turned into ideas, some on their way, but all things perfectly, meticulously arranged.  He was nice to give us a bright and early tour of his compound, not far from the JT park entrance. I encourage you to stop by next time your around that region of California. Click here for The Road to Wonder Valley trailer, a documentary on the artists who call that high desert home.



John Martin from Vice wrote me and said that if put up his most recent video project he would take me on the next wild Vice travel trip. I was thinking ‘Shit, how do I get out of posting some video that’s probably him lip syncing, dreaming he’s Mick Jagger again?’ Then I clicked the link and found this gem – John and crew traveled 4 days just to reach the far stretches of Patagonia where they interviewed a man who has lived off the grid on his land for almost 50 years in imposed self isolation – one of the last great South American Cowboys.  Have a look (sorry about the ad opener, folks). John, I’m ready with my miles number. Say when.




Rene, George, Ginger and myself rode out for a last minute new years eve jaunt to JT. Justin Lowe recommended this place, a new and much needed desert hub, the Mojave Sands. Checked in, started an own outdoor fire and checked out. Blake, the owner, spent 9 years renovating this place, and now his labor of love is open, going on 6 months now. Not recommended for the high maintenance traveler. My type of place. Thanks Blake.

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