Its been 15 years since the release of this documentary on DCs ┬ásassiest as they toured and preached the “Gospel Yeh-Yeh” while seeking political and style asylum. Here its is, still ahead of its time and well worth the watch, The Make Up’s Blue is Beautiful in four easy pieces. In the words of Ian Svenious, I wish I was an octopus and could reach all of you.

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4 comments on “UNTOUCHABLE SOUND

  1. Meh. I never got this band. That guy Ian was treated like some indie rock intellectual post-Makers. I’ve seen him speak. He’s not. Just nothing there there….

  2. i was fortunate enough to see the make up in march of 2000. ian svenonius sorta set the pace for a whole bunch of rock front men after him and none of them really did it as well. (international noise conspiracy, the hives etc.)
    then he was in some terrible bands.
    also, not to be over looked is the nation of ulysses. totally amazing.
    the kid who tells on another kid is a dead kid.

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