On the edge of SF’s Aquatic park lies the Dolphin Club, my local 134 year old gym/swimming/rowing/dinner club and oasis from the madness that is Fishermen’s Wharf. More recently my favorite place to spend a Tuesday night. It’s then when John Beilinski hosts boat night, a 3 hour spell of story telling and dinner that’s done while sanding, scraping, splicing, hammering and varnishing… you know, generally maintaining the clubs huge wooden boat fleet. You don’t need to be a member to come by, just bring a good stories and a bottle of wine… Starts at 6.

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4 comments on “BOAT NIGHT

  1. Such an interesting workshop, they’ve been going for ages too. I visited them years ago, always wanted to go back.

  2. Pretty cool, but where is that amazing woman Aylin Beyce? I just love it when you post pictures of her. I FUCKING MISS YOU. Come to fun times.

  3. Great initiative and great images, you can almost smell the sawdust and varnish. I live in Norway and crew on a friends cutter based on the original Norwegian ‘Colin Archer’ sailing lifeboats. He is restoring the boat and would feel right at home at the Dolphin Club.

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