Hard not to stop when you see a little gem like this along the back roads. I will say I was distracted by the sudden hail following the sudden sunshine following the sudden snowfall following the sudden wind gusts, and had to make a quick u-turn after passing it. Wild weather up there this time of year.

We made our way into the shop and found it empty. Walked over to the adjacent cabin and gave a timid knock – I know you city folks like to plaster your walls with flea found taxidermy but it’s sometimes hard to know what to expect of a man who litters his home with dead things, dead things he most likely made that way. Old man got off the couch with rifle in hand. I got to admit my stomach sank a little. He put in the closet and shuffled to the door to greet us. Couldn’t have been an nicer, gentler old man. I think he started in the 1980s to keep busy. I can get on with a carver having been a stone carver myself in a past life. We chatted him up a bit, bought a few $10 feathers and headed down the road – all sunshine.

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  1. I recently went through part of the great state of Montana and enjoyed the charm it has to offer. What antique stores did you stop by and what other towns were you in other than the ones you mentioned. I’ll be passing down that way in a month and want to see what places are a must to stop in and visit. I enjoy your web log.

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