MADE HERE –  a project I’ve been working on at Levi’s that focuses on craftspeople who put beautiful things into the world – has launched! You can find a new blog online at and the goods at Levis neighborhood stores in Malibu, the Meatpacking district, and on Newbury Street in Boston. Above is the first of the videos on these special folks, this one featuring Tim Whitten of Stonington, Maine. I recently went Down East to visit Tim at his shop Marlinspike Chandlery and watched him make one of his beautiful beach stone necklaces. The nice guys of Bon Iver let us use a song that’s a perfect fit.

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  1. tim,
    seen your work from time to time on mateloteurs (facebook) and now this and your website.
    impeccable stuff and and am going to try one of those hitched stone pieces on the video. glad you are getting some recognition and a great pleasure always to see your work,
    best wishes dominic taylor

  2. I visit Tim’s shop every summer, and am lucky to own several of his pieces, including one of his handmade ditty bags that I lug around all my tools in. Stonington is a very special place, as his Marlinspike Chandlery.

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