“Big Sur, I’ve got plans for you.
Me and mine are going to add ourselves to your lengthy list of lovers”

All this rain has put a little hurt on Big Sur. Once that road is running again theres a great new reason to visit the area. For those looking for the perfect place to get lost I have found it, or rather it found me – Big Sur Richard’s Kingdom Canyon… Well, thats what I like to call it.

After talking to Richard on the phone a couple times for him to explain what I was getting into I eventually texted him that I would take the spot for a few days. He texted back “Ok. Pod of dolphins out front, Maybe 100, slowly cruising on a dawns-light glassy ocean. A few of them goofing and leaping, land kersplash on their sides.” Dude. You sold me.

When we arrived I parked my truck a few hundred yards in the drive and loaded our things up in Richards jeep. “Welcome to the Kingdom” he said as we winded up the road, the road he built, which drops a couple hundred feet to the right.

Nestled about a mile back, Richard’s 54 acres of wild land are salt and peppered with airstream, silver stream and pathfinder trailers. He has been restoring these so folks like you and me can stay and enjoy the regions steeply sloped unspoiled dreamy wilderness. What else is great is that this place, which straddles the line somewhere between camping and motel, is that it’s off the grid. Richard lives on a steady diet of solar power, propane gas and farm fresh eggs…

An Airstream trailer that will soon be dropped in the canyon by helicopter and loved again.

Another one of the trailers to be restored – I think this one is a Silver Stream

Mountain Mamma.

Phone booth with a view. This is the place Richard get the best cell reception. That box there has a phone book and binoculars.

Chicken roaming the land…

Farm fresh eggs. Richard brought us these and some jam in the morning.

Inside the 62 Pathfinder

Bath house with running water, tub, outdoor shower, epic veiw of water…

View of Esalen from the road….

Get out there and get still… Call Richard, 831-601 -7974

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