Billy Billy Billy we thank you – those airstreams are a slow tow I’ll tell you.

We arrived way too late for our tour of Patagonia appointment, partly due to a long stop at the Madonna Inn. Still wanting to feel out a stop in Ventura we called this guy Billy – put in touch through our friends at Best Made Co. –  to see him and his Sporting Sails, a downhill trajectory enhancer. Come to find out Billy also designs wetsuits for Patagonia – what luck! A couple stories and PBRs later were in the back of PMA wild man Billy’s old animal ambulence – a vehicle he got as a form of rent payment from a surfing aussie’s extended couch stay –   and we were on out way to the Patagucci compound.

This here is Billy – a walking positive atmosphere amplifier – in front of the tin shed – THE Tin Shed.

The Tin Shed is where Yvon Chouinard started his business, developing and fabricating gear for his greatest passion – climbing. So cool. Still exists now right in the middle of the Patagonia office complex. Read all about it on their website.

Relic alert: the man’s vintage high pile polar fleece. Fanning out.

The man and the fam. Legit. I used to daydream about what it might have been like working for Bean in the 70′s, shaggy haired and cord shorts sporting, on the weekends gear testing Old Town canoes on the Allagash River in Aroostoock County, Maine. This place seems much like the west coast equivilant, past and present.

In case of emergency break plexi: Love these beautiful and perfectly slubby rugbys. Look at that label – Yes Yes!

Like I said – the daydream.

Same tin shed- years earler.

Perfectly sunfaded and fucked up pack

Holy grail of prints – behold the carabiner repeat:

Any corporate environment with Tibeatan prayer flags has got to be one mellow toke of a corporate environment.

Good folks

Good Mantra – Stay posi!

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  1. Dig Billy. Shot a commercial with him and his brother and yeah, such a positivity amplifier. Still gotta head up and do a pop in on him there.

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