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Billy Billy Billy we thank you – those airstreams are a slow tow I’ll tell you.

We arrived way too late for our tour of Patagonia appointment, partly due to a long stop at the Madonna Inn. Still wanting to feel out a stop in Ventura we called this guy Billy – put in touch through our friends at Best Made Co. –  to see him and his Sporting Sails, a downhill trajectory enhancer. Come to find out Billy also designs wetsuits for Patagonia – what luck! A couple stories and PBRs later were in the back of PMA wild man Billy’s old animal ambulence – a vehicle he got as a form of rent payment from a surfing aussie’s extended couch stay –   and we were on out way to the Patagucci compound.

This here is Billy – a walking positive atmosphere amplifier – in front of the tin shed – THE Tin Shed.

The Tin Shed is where Yvon Chouinard started his business, developing and fabricating gear for his greatest passion – climbing. So cool. Still exists now right in the middle of the Patagonia office complex. Read all about it on their website.

Relic alert: the man’s vintage high pile polar fleece. Fanning out.

The man and the fam. Legit. I used to daydream about what it might have been like working for Bean in the 70′s, shaggy haired and cord shorts sporting, on the weekends gear testing Old Town canoes on the Allagash River in Aroostoock County, Maine. This place seems much like the west coast equivilant, past and present.

In case of emergency break plexi: Love these beautiful and perfectly slubby rugbys. Look at that label – Yes Yes!

Like I said – the daydream.

Same tin shed- years earler.

Perfectly sunfaded and fucked up pack

Holy grail of prints – behold the carabiner repeat:

Any corporate environment with Tibeatan prayer flags has got to be one mellow toke of a corporate environment.

Good folks

Good Mantra – Stay posi!



Six months after moving to San Francisco from Maine I found and immediately joined the Dolphin Club. Located at Aquatic park the joint is steps away, yet worlds apart, from Fisherman’s wharf. Started in 1877 the club is equal parts swim, rowing, boat building, handball and social club,  a little gem left of what I imagine to be old San Francisco. Here’s a peak at my new second home…

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New Board with the help of this guy. Click here or the flashing image to the right.

“This is nowhere. I’ll bet that nobody is ever going to drive down this road. I’ll be stuck here forever. I don’t know when it was I recognized I had this disease. Sometimes I’ll be in one place, and I’ll close my eyes… When I open them again, I’ll be in a completely different surrounding It’s kind of like time travel. It’s kind of good. Yeah. It’s kind of good. Passes the time. Unwanted as it is.”



Found this grit hitching road side in Big Sur with his guitar, golf club come walking stick and two Crocodile Dundee worthy blades. Takes a tough one to still hitch today. Anywhere outside of Kauai that is. Nice guy though, ready for the company I imagine, but the guy was headed to Monterey and the Airstream was winding down to Ventura… Love his get up but know Mister Mort would do a better job praising.

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Here’s a few photos from a recent trip back to Wonder Valley, my personal mecca and the birthplace of One Trip Pass. The region is dry and desolate, often extremely hot and overwhelmingly otherworldly, salt and peppered with Joshua trees and small cinder block shelter oases. Its a land where bikers and hippies, rock climbers and marines co exist in a place not meant to be inhabited by humans.

While there I was lucky to see the county fair and town parade. If your out in that area here’s my quick list of what to do in no particular order:

JT park, get lost, see the stars.

JT Inn – stay in Room #8.

Integratron – get transcendental.

Buy a pyramid (see number below)

Consult High Desert Test Sites.

Have a night out at the Palms. Say hi to George for me.



The mind dances
When the body lets it

And when the body cannot
The mind dances within

But sometimes they move together
And together sway
And fly together
And dance and sing

And then it is indeed
An enchanting thing

- Lawrence Ferlinghetti