It’s nothing short of inspiring when the passionately talented people in your life make their dream come to life. In this case my friend Rene Holguin just opened his own shop, RTH, in Los Angeles.
Rene is one of the more creative people I ever met – an inspired visionary with a sense of style that is completely his own.He grew up in El Paso, Texas and learned the boot making business from his father. Though the years he has turned that experience into his own line of  unique leather goods including bags, footwear, belts, jewelry and other accessories, (my favorites being the kilt pin and my leather feather and cedar oil dipped anchor necklace).
In addition to the shop Rene has a workshop behind the store where he and his friends make everything… In his words “it’s an accessory store inspired by the good ole souvenir shops of yester, featuring RTH limited run leathergoods and other inspiring pick up items. Native American beaded stuff, a selection of vintage clothing and some home scents”. In mine, its a look into Rene’s beautiful world and vision and you are now welcome to visit. And Breathe deep – it smells incredible. 537 N. La Cienega.

Photos by Megan Small

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31 comments on “RTH – LOS ANGELES

  1. I am so impressed, my cousin is extreamely talented. This store looks amazing and fun!!!
    I cant wait to go VISIT!

  2. This makes me miss LA! But it also gives me something exciting to check out when i come back home. Looks like a great space.

  3. I cannot wait to come to LA to visit this special store! What incredible talent. It is so refreshing to see a place where things are one-of-a-kind and hand-made and done with such love and attention to detail.

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  5. Darn, how can I get my hands on those wooden beads, and the arrow pin, and a turquoise buckle and…. OVERWHELMING mi Rene. A masterwork, again!

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  8. sooo happy for rene…and for the rest of us to get to go there.
    congrats on the creation of such great work, mood, and space.

  9. OMG those flowers are stunning! I can’t believe your shop came true (but of course I can)! All the love and luck to you and all the beautiful things you bring into the world!

    Love Sincerely,
    The Doll Farm Lady

  10. I need to make the trip to California to check out this shop! Love the layout and displays.

  11. Rene,
    I had emailed you before you left but didn’t get a reply. I am so happy to see where you have turned up. Hope you set up an online shop soon so I can finally get my hands on an RTH bag. Best of luck!

  12. Amazing…sounds like you found your calling. Now you need to get a website so the rest of us who are not local can shop!

  13. Congrats, Rene! You are an amazing gem of a human and your work is something else! I am a lucky girl to own one of those bags and leather flowers. Kilt pin? I may know someone who could use one ;) Can’t wait to pop in so I can smell that cedar. Yum.

  14. i stepped into the store today with my husband.
    it was the coolest fun & creative store in the LA!
    i admire all of your work.

  15. amazing, unique and authentic store — inspiring to meet a true artisan and designer…i will be back:)

  16. Isnt RTH a Los Angeles graffiti crew? I’m pretty sure that it stands for Racing Towards Hell. Ive seen it up on walls all over town. Google RTH GRAFFITI.

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