…on Denim Debate.

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  1. Jeans look great. I love the slimmer fit of the 1947′s. Could you tell me where a brother can find a pair of the LVC 1947 501xx? Have found a pair on eBay but its near impossible to win an auction. Also, tell me about the boots.

  2. where do you live? there are two new specialty levis stores about to open that will carry them.
    The boots are redwings. Found them at a flea market in sebastopol.

  3. I live in Savannah, GA. I assume the two new store will be SF and NY. I do get up to NYC occasionally. When will the stores be opening?

  4. Thanks….can u recommend how to size them? Should I size up and soak? Or get a true size and wear unsoaked?

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