Its time for another run. Met up in PTLDOR this weekend with Jou-Yie Chou of Ace Hotel and photographer Nate Bressler. We picked up the Airstream and Chevy Silverado (on loan from both companies, respectively) and we’re off on another adventure down the entire (almost) West Coast Highway, hoarding a mix of art, craft, vintage and exerience . Stayed at Fort Stevens State Park last night outside of the Goonies town, Astoria, OR and are now headed south. Once we get down to LA next week come check out our mobile shop. More on that later  - in the meantime check back here for notes from the road….

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4 comments on “COASTAL CARAVAN

  1. There is an old German saying, “Envy eats nothing but its own heart” I just checked and my heart is missing. Godspeed fellas.

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