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Hey there, for all of you who missed it, I want to give you a look into the coastal caravan, OTP x Ace store on wheels. We towed this 25′ rig, slept in it, ate in it, lived in it, and when we got to LA gutted and fumigated it, and threw our colorfull assortment up on the shelves and walls to sell it all off, 4 days straight.

Board and slip covers from Mollusk surf shop.

This is the first Patagonia wetsuit prototype that Billy, their positively positive wetsuit designer gave us. What a great dude. Billy also makes Surf Sails.

I still got a bunch of t shirts – Gram Parsons, Mother Nature, and OTP branded…

A mix of book I bought and some from Cass and Gravel and Gold.  You can’t really see it here but there is  a picture of two hippies on a horse on the cover of that book California Trip and the dudes son showed up to the party. He was stoked. 

Bags from Yuketan/ Meg Co.

Crystal Voyager.

Original 70s issues of Earyrider and Surfer.

Pendleton color explosion.

Beautiful jewelry assortment mostly from Gravel and Gold. Those three knotworks covered rocks to the left I just discovered through my friend Lou. These three sold. More on these soon.


Rin Tanaka showed up! What a rad dude…

Later at Ace, the vacations’ vacation…

Thanks to all who helped make this trip happen – what an experience!



Read Maura Egan’s New York Times post on the Coastal Caravan.

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It’s been a strange and beautiful trip on Americas most epically beautiful road. More soon – I got to get this airstream ready for tonight. If your in LA come out or if you can make Ace Palm Springs see you saturday.





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We’ve arrived to the California Coast. Finally. Headed South now…The song says it all.



Day 3 of the One Trip Pass x Ace Hotel Costal Caravan. Woke at the crack of dawn near Capre Meares to a foggy beach and a sea foam bath. Headed south en route to our favorite moccasin maker but not before we tried to find the Octopus tree at end of the Crab Harbor Peninsula. Driving down the desolate dirt road flanked by water on both sides Nate asked  ”You guys sure about this?”.   Moments later we met face to face with an Army issue dump truck and no option but to back up our two-part 44 foot long rig the half mile to the gate that said “DO NOT ENTER”. We offered the MO a case of PBR to lighten the mood but he declined. “You guys in a band?” “Not quite” We eventually backed up and found the Octopus tree a few miles in the other direction.

Later today we came across a sand lake and took a minute to  walk around and watch the dune buggies howling in the distance.

Finally in the late afternoon we reached our destination and picked up the 14 pairs moccasins our friend has been making for us. Got these here now next to me in  the airstream. Not quite sure where we are but I can hear the ocean, I’m ready for sleep, and ready for a new day in California, full of color.
Photos by Nate Bressler


Its time for another run. Met up in PTLDOR this weekend with Jou-Yie Chou of Ace Hotel and photographer Nate Bressler. We picked up the Airstream and Chevy Silverado (on loan from both companies, respectively) and we’re off on another adventure down the entire (almost) West Coast Highway, hoarding a mix of art, craft, vintage and exerience . Stayed at Fort Stevens State Park last night outside of the Goonies town, Astoria, OR and are now headed south. Once we get down to LA next week come check out our mobile shop. More on that later  - in the meantime check back here for notes from the road….



This Tuesday night is the next installment of Peko Peko, a Bay Area Japanese pop up restaurant hosted by Sylvan Brackett and Louesa Roebuck at the popular Mission spot Tartine. From 8pm until midnight they’ll be serving hot dashimaki tamago, freched picked edamame and craft sake. Hope to see you there…

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My friend Mark Rozzo is one talented dude –  Magazine editor, Maplewood frontman, dad, Brooklynite, polymath… He recently helped form super group Bambi Kino with members of Cat Power, Guided by Voices and Nada Surf. The band traveled to Hamburg, Germany to recreate the early Beatles speed-fueled marathon sets at the Indra, 50 years to the day. Read more here.

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