Our friend Jou Yie from Ace Hotel asked the Kapten and I to paint a mural in one of their rooms after a visit to the steps last month for one of our frequent kitchen tattoo get togethers. We went out to NYC a couple weeks ago to paint the American bison with a traveler’s brand in room 408. It was a fun week with good friends stopping by to hang out while we traced and painted. My old friendĀ Mike Bones and the beautiful Sasha Vine stopped in late one night to play us some songs and get tattooed. Thanks to Ace for the good times.

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3 comments on “FORTUNATE AND FREE

  1. Nice!!

    haha apparently i can’t leave a one word comment, so also: Haaaaaay buddy! Xx

  2. Hey,,,nice to see Juanita Cangrejita aka Hanna la sueca,,or Kapten Hanna,haciendo de las suyas con el arte,,,,nice!!!,,great company to chat having coffe,,and to get tattooed by…
    for sure the hotel wall is by now a piece of art…


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