Being new to the Bay Area one of the best things I find about the city is getting out of it and getting out of it often. Frequent escapes north are a mandatory to to avoid San Andreas insanity (that fault line will make you crazy, you know). Hell, you get 20 minutes north of the bridge and your secluded in some of the most beautiful redwood landscapes imaginable and it only gets better the farther you go. Early last Spring,Mister Mordechai and I were quick to connect on this need to cut loose and headed north with friends Lou and Kapten Hanna for the Great Redwood Highway and whatever it had to offer. Three days of redwoods and ocean, cowboys and hippies, motels and tree forts, sage incense and salmon jerky, Sweetheart of the Rodeo and the American Beauty, all up the 101 from San Francisco to Grants Pass…

You can lead a horse to the natural market… ┬áRan into this guy right away – said he rides into town everyday. He and that horse were about the same size. Handicap spot btw.

Hippie Dippie over here shopping for pachouli and ear candles

“Sea Bag, $10″

Some killer junk store shopping along the way. The truck bed can start to fill up quick.

Up in Oregon we found a new friend who lives on wild expanse of land inhabited by a gentle horses and three legged pregnant dogs. She makes beautiful moccasins which you’ll hear more about later. That night, after hoisting our gear from bears reach, we slept soundly in a tree fort near the small hippie commune town of Takilma…

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