One of those head turning “did I really just see that” speeding by on the road moments. Some dude build sculpture and shelter out of junk and cement for the coming apocalypse. When arson came in the early 80s he moved on. Here’s what remains of Thunder Mountain, Nevada…

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6 comments on “THUNDER MOUNTAIN

  1. Moving from Portland, Oregon to Austin in the fall of 1999 I happened upon this place on a Sunday morning. I knocked around, took some pics, got stingy at the donation box then no more than 2 miles down the NV highway I got a flat. As I unpacked my trunk on the side of the highway to get the spare, I was sure the cause (still am) was my financial spurning of the roadside weirdness. Of which, in that little roadside oddity, there is are helluvalot. Great spot.

  2. Yes! I wanted to mention this last night at dinner when we were talking about desert trips……there is a great documentary about this artist as well as some other outsiders, it’s called Visions of Paradise.

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