Once, I dreamt I was in Alabama with Mordechai Rubinstein and Michael Williams to hang out with Billy Reid. He threw music shows for us all weekend and fed us a steady diet of cornbread, sour balls and moonshine. We stayed in a lake house and rode jet skis and ┬áhe introduced me to his friend Butch Anthony who sold me some of his art and showed me his special project that looked like Louise Nevelson. It got really weird when we were brought to FAME recording studio to meet the legendary Rick Hall and Sassy boy of the year Ian Svenonious showed up in a three piece suit. Oh and at one point I trashed the Governors Suite at the local hotel. ┬áSuch a strange dream…

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  2. Jay, We both have some very vivid dreams. I drempt you actully were in Florence Alabama!

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  4. I am a teacher in Muscle Shoals, Alabama and I am currently taking an online class in which I have to created a VFT (Virtual Field Trip). I choose FAME studios as my subject and I would like to use a few of your pictures in the lesson. Who do I contact for permission? RSVP

  5. I grew up in Florence and spent summer days and Saturdays working in my dad’s service station on the corner of Tennessee and Seminary Streets. Diagonally across from the station was the City Drug Store. Upstairs from the drug store was an empty room where people used to go to practice music. My dad, being old school, had little use for rock and roll or any music that young people liked. He called it junk and the sound coming from that building used to drive him up the wall. I think I am correct in believing this was the birth of FAME studios.

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