If you want to hang out go to Coit tower and head three flights down the brick stairs. Take a right at the castle, a left at the sign post and down the cement steps. Wave to Ibby, walk past the tiger, the parrot tree and loop around up the weather-worn wooden steps until you see the lemon tree.  Call up and wait by the bench. I’ll be out in a minute. I can’t believe I live here.

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5 comments on “TELEGRAPH HILL

  1. This is just fantastic!!! Can´t wait to come visit…. See You and Hanna in July.

    Ann aka Mom

  2. It looks like a real nice Mama Nature! Midst in a big city…I will come and see her too. Later.
    Papa Jan

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  4. i lived right at the top of those Filbert Steps for years, took those to work everyday (Icehouse building and a few others in that area). awesome shots.

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