One Trip Pass is a series of projects and collaborations that look back at American goods in new ways. A blog finds the best of the new that evokes the best of the old, and finds echoes in American heritage worth recalling.

In January 2009, the state of California gave founders Jay Carroll and Ned Martel a "One Trip Pass" to take a newly bought, old car from California to Maine. And the gods of employment fated that this was a do-what-you-want Golden State opportunity.

An assignment from GQ to find the best vintage stores for menswear led to a pop-up store of the gathered wares and, best of all, new gigs at Levi's and The Washington Post, for Carroll and Martel, respectively.

In Carroll's hands, the vibe continues in blog posts, twit pics, store installations, flea-market collaborations, concept boards, and above all, road trips. Each project recalls Made In America values. The two cofounders are still scavenging for goods wherever and whenever they travel -- whether weird or useful, rickety or sturdy, subculture-contrived or mass-marketed. The search is on, and the results, we hope, will inspire other searchers.

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